Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Join me in Hobart, June 14!

In addition to being utterly gorgeous, Hobart is also making the most of winter, and the particular delights of cold, dark days. Dark Mofo is bringing together an amazing collection of artists and thought-provoking speakers and events.

This year, EDO Tasmania is hosting an event on new ways to value, and protect, Kunanyi, the beautiful mountain overlooking Hobart.

One of the exciting outcomes of the movement to extend legal rights to rivers has been the opportunities it creates for other natural wonders. In New Zealand, Mount Taranaki will be granted legal personhood, following the successful example of the Whanganui River and the Te Urewera National Park.

But of course, legal rights don't necessarily mean that we value these places more, or that we can better protect them. In fact, sometimes increasing legal powers can erode the willingness of people to consider rivers, mountains and other places as worthy of protection at all.

Join me, and a great line up of other speakers, on 14 June in Hobart, to hear more about the opportunities (and challenges) that the law creates for valuing and protecting natural places like Kunanyi.

Tickets are available here.